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The games origined from sanjayraj, who created 9001 ways to make Minecraft players facepalm. The game is still alive now, but what are those x ways to do x's?

Well, the answer is simple. The players must count one way to 1000, often using ridiculous and theme-matching thing you do. The poster below rates you and this is an endless loop, as you post and rate, the poster below does the same.

Most notable games:

1,000 Ways to get kicked out of Mcdonalds - The first game that was popular, used hall of fame

1001 ways to take over the world. - The first game ever, it used 1000 ways.

1001 ways to get kicked out of Walmart - An even more popular one.

9001 ways to make Minecraft players facepalm! - Used 9001 ways, was very old

1001 ways to make a computer n00b worried - Was popular.