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This wiki is devoted to, and is a resource to the Text Based Games Forums community at tbgforums.com. In addition, this wiki chronicles all past events that occured in the forum as a historical ledger of sorts.


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What is This?[]

This is the main page for the Text Based Games Forum wiki. It was built to accomodate those that enjoyed playing text-based games after the Scratch Text Based Games Forums shut down on March 1st, 2013, due to an impending update affecting the forum's host. If you were never a member on those forums, you don't have to worry, anyone can join the fun on the Text Based Games Forums today!

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We currently have 71 pages and 1,595 edits.

Rules and Guidelines[]

Loop: Text Based Games Forums / Rules

In the Text Based Games Forums, there are forty (40) central rules and seven (7) forum-specific rules. Central rules apply here as well as in every part of the Text Based Games Forums website.

You may visit the central guidelines topic here (topic 1503).

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