Depending on violations of the Text Based Games ForumsGuidelines, whether central or forum-specific, a user in offence may receive a warning or a ban.


Sometimes accompanied by a two-day ban from the TBGs, warnings are messages brought on in a user's profile, under "User activity". These warnings, and any details, are visible to the public through these warned users' profiles. Warnings range from one (1) to three (3) points, and by definition expire fourteen (14) days after their issue.

Warning CategoriesEdit

There are, to date, six (6) warning categories.

Offensiveness / Mild (1 point)

Spam / Mild (1 point)

Rule XL Violation (1 point) (moderators only)

Offensiveness / Moderate (2 points)

Spam / Bad (2 points)

Offensiveness / Immediate (3 points) (accompanied by ban)

Warning PointsEdit

Warnings are rated, on a scale of one (1) to three (3), by their severity. The number of points any one user has accumulated at any one time may tie directly to bans.


Bans, overriding bans assigned by warning points, are occasional accompanyments to warnings that may last from two days onward. Bans are used, of course, after subsequent warnings - or a critical offence.

Bans assigned by warning pointsEdit

Based on the number of points any one user has accumulated at any one time, bans may automatically be assigned by the warning assignment server. This is growing to be the most common form of ban.

Lengths are tied to the number of present warning points as follows.

3 points accumualted results in a 2 day ban

5 points = 4 days

7 points = Permanent

Warning points accumulated Duration of ban
3 points 2 days*
5 points 4 days*
7 points Permanent

*one "day" is a 24-hour period