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  • I am male
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What's a TBG?
Hi guys, I'm TKY_Animaster, a well known TBGer from Seattle, and admin of this wiki. Most of you guys know me as tailskirbyyoshifan, but I also prefer to be called by my alias, animaster999.
==Life online==
I have been a Scratcher since July 2009. I joined the Scratch TBGs in March 14, 2012 (ha ha, get it? pi day!) and have been one of the original members of I also like other websites like Craigslist, Internet Archive, and YouTube.
==Life outside==
I enjoy hiking, camping, backpacking (a combination of hiking and camping), Boy Scouts, reading a good book, hanging out with my friends, and drawing random stuff.

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What's a TBG?

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