The Apple Antem

Welcome![edit | edit source]

Hello! I'm DoubleDenial, actually the2000. I'm one of the best people here, no questions asked. I wrote a bunch of good pages. I'm cool right? I'm the founder of the "rule" that only TMBG music is allowed on the TBG Forums, unless you're listening to Wolf's Life 3.

Playing Favorites[edit | edit source]

My favorite RPG is ULaIF, a.k.a. Fusions & Fandoms.

My favorite TBG character is Apple (The Cat).

My favorite TMBG song is... Err... That's a tricky one. Any of the first three songs on They Got Lost could be it... Err...

  1. Truth in Your Words
  2. On The Drag
  3. Rest Awhile

And I'm Cool[edit | edit source]

The end.

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