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An example of The Sandwich, showing the main topic and the "pickle" being sandwiched between both "Pair These Topics" games, hence the name "sandwich".

The Sandwich was a TBG trend starting in mid-late August 2017 where players bump threads to try to make a group of the sandwich topics. It started with 2 threads called ▼▼Pair These Topics▲▲ but many threads were created adding new placement rules, the biggest being █ █ Make a Sandwich █ █ by Alex the JPEG. It caused controversy among some TBGers because of the amount of spam it added to the TBG Forums.


Similar to how Pair These Topics gained points when the topics were together, █ █ Make a Sandwich █ █ gained points when the topic was directly in between both of the Pair These Topics threads. Some other games gained points based on how many topics were currently in the sandwich, and one game had a win condition of none of the topics on the front-page being related to the sandwich.

Closing of the Topics[]

The sandwich trend ended on August 27th, 2 days after it started, by Alex the JPEG who reported his topic, █ █ Make a Sandwich █ █, to be closed due to some players temporarily leaving because of the spam level.


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