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The TBGer The2000 has set his signature to different things as a gag. Usually they are nonsensical quotes or references. This is a complete listing of the known "quotes" written above his signature.


  • YOU FOOL. THE OAFF IS NOT STUCK INSIDE THIS WEBSITE. YOUR COMPUTER IS INFECTED. (Reference to a post on Overly Attached Female Friend.)
  • If you think I'm imitating someone else's sig, I probably am. (Reference to the current imitation of Smiley100P's signature.)
  • Drep. Dwep. Swfo. Aww, come on! Derp. (Reference to The2000's first, placeholder signature.)
  • I'm sick of This American Life. (Reference to the song "I'm Sick" by They Might Be Giants.)

The bottom of The2000's signature[]

At the bottom of The2000's signature, there is another quote. Unlike the above "quotes," this is actually a quote from somewhere. At the moment, it is set to "I ran out and everyone watched, I ran into the cold toilets and all of a sudden I was becoming something else." This is a quote from Wolf's Life 3. It's not likely receiving updates.


  • Originally, the first quote was written as an addition to The2000's signature after 8435.5 tried to destroy the Overly Attached Female Friend by disconnecting the TBG Forums. It was kept because The2000 "didn't feel like getting rid of it."