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Super Idiot Brothers is a game on the EEE W in Universeland and intertwined FUSIONS, Episode 3 - Dan. Smiley loads it up on the EEE W and starts playing with Ashley.

It is a parody of Super Mario Bros.


Not much is listed about how Super Idiot Brothers plays, but it can be inferred that it is a platformer. It has six-player capabilities, with co-op and competitive.


In the RPG, the players are listed as Merto, Kiigii, YOLO bro, BLU bro, Grand Dad, and Push Start to Rich. Additionally, there are two listed secret characters, Fortan (Push Start to Rich's alternate costume), and Cheese (The secret third brother).


The game of Super Idiot Brothers ends short when Apple destroys the game console by, oddly, knocking the monitor down, despite the fact that the console should've been controlling the system. Smiley ships it back to the manufacturers, and in Episode 4 - Mueuw, Smiley gets the console back, but gets an idea for a game console to code, and Apple then codes Cinnamon on it, which distracts the cast from Super Idiot Brothers.


  • The2000 apparently wants to bring back Super Idiot Brothers for Fusions & Fandoms.