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PTBN (Pokémon: The Baleful Night) is an RPG created by user Epicness123, as a successor to CoPKMN (Chronicles of Pokémon) . It was created November 5th 2019 (AEST), and at the time of writing, has 152 pages.

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As seen on the main post:

Once upon a time, mythical creatures known simply as “Pokemon” roamed the Earth. Some humans knew of their existence, but most thought they were just a myth. Some humans dreamed about what it would be like to become one of these mythical creatures known as Pokémon, but they didn't know what those dreams actually meant. It was an intoxicating thought to some people. What would happen if they transformed? And if they did, when would it happen? It all started on November 1st, 2019. The U.S. government had run out money to continue securely containing the Pokemonite storages. "I suppose we should destroy all the Pokemonite storages,” the President stated. “They are very dangerous substances- heck, I’d even compare them to the bombs the U.S. dropped on Japan in WWII! We need to properly dispose of them before something bad happens. We can’t contain them forever.” Soon, the Pokemonite storage facilities began to be dismantled. During the process, however, an accident happened, and an explosion sent bits of Pokemonite flying everywhere. Instead of making efforts to alert the public about the accident, the president made the decision to hide it from the public, fearing that the news of the accident would cause mass panic. The existence of Pokemonite was kept a secret from the public for hundreds of years to prevent it from getting into the wrong hands. As such, not much is known about the powers and capabilities of Pokemonite other than the fact that it can transform humans into Pokemon of any species. Scientists who had access to Pokemonite had wanted to research it, but it was deemed too dangerous to experiment with after a group of researchers who were studying it turned into Pokemon.

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Unfortunately, timezone issues have forced some to leave.

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