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King/Queen of the Page is a TBG game created by epicanna27. Immediately after creation, it blew up and was predicted to be possibly one of the biggest games on the TBGs ever. It was extremely fast-growing, although has been beaten out by the Modified Color Game (which still may not have been the fastest-growing TBG).


K/QOTP is played by attempting to get the first post on a new page. All other posts until that point can be used for any purpose, especially chatting, or talking about the victory of the current ruler.


  • You cannot doublepost, triplepost, etc. You also can't use another account to bypass this rule.
  • You cannot delete a post.
  • Set your posts per page to 25, as it is the default (and the one used by the game's creator).


Getting the last post of the page (known as the "unlucky post") basically means that you have lost. As you cannot doublepost, it's impossible to be king/queen/ruler if you have the unlucky post. (However, since you can doublepost if the difference is over 24 hours, there is a very small chance you could still become the ruler.)

The post before the unlucky post is a good position to be in, as now it is impossible for you to get the unlucky post. Usually, people will stop posting at this point, and often ask someone to sacrifice being ruler so the game will go on. If you have gotten this post, you are immune to being the sacrificer for 24 hours.

If you get that post, you can edit your post to say, "Oh shoot, I got the unlucky post" or something along those lines, and someone may fall for it and get the ACTUAL unlucky post. At this point, you can post again and become ruler.

Effect on the community[]

King/Queen of the Page has created a trend in basically every TBG. Often, when people are ruler of the page on other threads, they will say something about it in their post, even if it has absolutely nothing to do with the thread.[1]