An example counting game.

Counting games​​​, sometimes called posting games or score games, are games in which one counts up from a starting point, adding a value to the "count", either personal or global, usually to reach some sort of goal. Counting games are amongst the most popular game types on the TBGs and many variations have been made. Counting games usually take advantage of the 60 Second Rule, which makes them harder.

Examples[edit | edit source]

Popular counting games include Post in a Row and The Sky is the Limit. These are possibly the simplest counting games but are made popular by this simplicity. However, many variations on these basic formulae have been made, some more complex, others aiming to count for a specific task, or simply aiming for a high number of posts. These games are often easy ways to increase one's post count, and can be likened to spamming.

Most counting games have some form of ruining, usually done by breaking the chain.

Features[edit | edit source]

More advanced counting games often include reset or restart functions, usually triggered by a user posting something or some other user-based reason. Sometimes people create games of which the object is to post as much as possible before the game creator reaches a certain post count milestone.

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