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Perhaps the simplest of forum games, it is impossible to tell where Post in a Row actually originated from. It seems to have stuck around for as long as text based games have themselves.


Post in a Row, as played on these forums, relies on the requirement to wait 60 seconds between posts. The object of the game is to post as often as possible, counting up by one each time before a next user interrupts. Moderators and administrators of forums, who on these have 2 seconds and 0 seconds of wait respectively, are required by game to wait at least 60 seconds between posts.


Post in a Row is a very popular game on the internet, and the tbgforums.com version has accumulated over 3900 posts[1] since July 13th, 2013.


Many variations exist of Post in a Row, and a few are listed below.

  • Advanced Post in a Row is a variation of Post in a Row in which users multiply the tens column of their seconds timestamp by the ones column, and attempt to get the highest score.