CoPKMN is an extremely popular RPG, exploring what would happen if human changed into Pokemon. It was originally created 29th September 2016, by Faressain(currently known as Thartler), but took off half month later. It's the biggest thread on the site. It was also place, where a lot of TBGers, including Floofy truly transited into TBGs page, even though there's much less true fans (from them only Floofy and cool qualify, until Fare gets Pokemon games, too.)

The origins of CoPKMN: Edit

The CoPKMN was created by Thartler, and inspired by many RPs, like Pokemon - Summer Camp at further chapters or Baleful Pokemorph at first one, but mainly by chat sessions with Tymewalk about what if they changed into one of Pokemon (Respectively -. Tymecario, Faremeleon, Farechu, Faresnivy, (IDK).

Plot of CoPKMN based on posts and facts (1000 posts - next chapter): Edit

The beggining (#1-#1000): Edit

First, humans live their own lives till the accident - Agnes went unconscious randomly. Faressain and Dave decided to bring her home with Itaku's car. Then Itaku said to Faressain to take care of Agnes. But it quickly went off-spring. Agnes transformed into Snivy and asked, where she is... But Faressain was too happy to notice she's a Pokemon and when Dave came, he was confused. He seen Snivy instead of Agnes. Then Steve came and quickly transformed into Eevee. Wednesday did the same, while panicking, when Faressain felt bad. Itaku put Faressain in bed, and told him not to leave. However, Faressain got up, just to see Dave transformed. He felt and transformed too. Itaku went inside and cursed a bit, before going to watch TV. Where he transformed, with him almost not noticing. Then the preparations to get off house, where Faressain and Agnes decided to retrieve the handbag for knives and flashlight, then Elliot and Trendy coming in house, every transformed humans hiding in a funny way (for them, because they didn't use to be Pokemon yet) and Trendy picking Wednesday. Then Pokemon and Trendy came into forest and all of those Pokemon went in wild forest. Then playfight between Agnes, Steve and Wednesday, ended by sudden crush of Steve to Agnes. Then Trendy fell by stick and transformed into Oshawott. Then the group decided to hunt for berries, when Faressain lit one of random stick on fire. He decided to dim the fire out be blowing air out, but then stick completely burnt out, without Faressain getting hurt by it. Then Elliot decided to crawl to the group. He fainted by sight of them. Then when he woke up, he tried to talk with Pokemon. But it wasn't successful. They tried to write with varied results. Then day after Elliot seen Simon changed into a Shinx. He decided to pick him into forest, to group. They then went to collect berries. But Agnes came to collect apples. Little she knew that she could already use vines to whip. She discovered multiple uses for her vines, though. But then snake gone here. It tried to bite Agnes (it would be deadly), but she whipped it off when Fares scratched snake's neck, killing it. Wednesday played with it, though. After this, Itaku killed the bunny to find out, Fares is carnivore. Then he found up, he can't drink water. Though Agnes found fresh-water source and everyone else drank from it. Then while Agnes experimentated with God theory, Elliot found cave nearby. Then Trendy noticed something strange, revealed to be meteor.. They had a lot plans with that stone, but Itaku picked it. It wasn't heavy. They brought it into cave. Simon learned to light thee way, though. Then, it begun to rain. Suddenly, bear attacked and it did much pain to Fares. Elliot thought he would be last to transform, and Lute came in. Then storm drawn nearby. It made level of water rise and river to rush. Then Trey and Delta came They crossed the river to see if the group is friendly, but they ended changing midway at running into river. First to change was Delta. Trey thought, she was bitten, but he changed, too. They introduced to the group...

Players playing in CoPKMN and their characters: Edit


Smiley100P: Edit

  • Steve: From chapter 1 to 3, Died by Magnezone

Name: Steve Age: 16 Gender: M Personality: Average homeboy who plays video games and curses a bit more than me XD (also, he's bisexual.  ) Human appearance: has sunglasses.  And a blue shirt with a star. Pokémon: Sylveon Pokémon appearance: Has a blue pelt with a white star, like Shiny one.

  • Ramna:
  • Strol:

Floofy: Edit

  • Delta: Chapters 1-2, died by Luxrays.

Name: Delta Age: 17 1/2 Gender: Female Personality: Cold-hearted, sassy, stubborn Human appearance: Medium length straight dark brown hair with a few red highlights, very short, pale skin, contacts making her eyes bright blue, 3/4 sleeve red and white shirt, light denim colored skinny jeans, white converse Pokémon: Litten Pokémon appearance: A normal Litten with a peachy color rather than red fur, and bright blue eyes rather than yellow ones. Other: This is the peach color: … vr_324.jpg

  • Trey: From chapter 1 to today and counting.

Name: Trey Age: 17 1/2 Gender: Male Personality: Arrogant, selfish, stubborn, talented Human appearance: Straight, brown hair, medium-short height, slightly tanned skin, brown eyes, wears a black and neon green UnderArmour hoodie, jeans, and Nikes Pokémon: Pancham Pokémon appearance: a normal pancham with aviator glasses Other: x

  • Zoe: Chapters 2-3 and counting up.

Faressain: Edit

  • Agnes: From chapter 1 to chapter 3. Died due to Heart attack caused by Steve's death.

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Personality: A bit explosive, careless, sometimes does funny fails, however friendly and hard-willed.

Human appearance: 1m 40cm high. Slim, somewhat curly brown hair, blue eyes, yellow shirt, dodger-blue skirt and brown boots.

Pokémon: Serpervior

Pokémon appearance: Like a normal Serpervior...

  • Itaku: Chapters 1-2, died by Luxrays.

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Personality: He is serious, caring and romantic, though some bit of trickster... Religious.

Human appearance: 1.67m high, well-built, dark hair, short beard with short mustache, turquoise eyes. wears dark jacket on top of white shirt, dark pants and black shoes, with a clock on his left hand.

Pokémon: Lucario

Pokémon appearance: Normal Lucario.

  • Fares: From chapter 1 to 3. Killed by Strol.

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Personality: Dominant, hates losing, patriotic... Brave and funny.

Human appearance: 1.55m high, black hair, green eyes, wears red shirt and brown jacket along with dark blue jeans and brown shoes... has phone on his pocket on his jacket just in case.

Pokémon: Charizard

Pokémon appearance: A normal Charizard.

Other: Being Pole who emigrated into USA...

  • Ferreton(Called also as Thartler): From chapter 2 to today and counting. Dratini, then Dragonair.

Tymewalk: Edit

  • Trendy, From chapter 1 to today and counting, Oshawott.

Name: Trendy Angst Age: 15 Gender: F Personality: Cheerful and energetic. Perhaps too much for her own good? Human appearance: Like in image on page 7. Pokémon: Oshawott Pokémon appearance: Normal Oshawott. Other: Likes the color blue.

  • Dave, From chapter 1 to today and counting, Torchic.

Name: Fenix Age: 15 Gender: Male/Boy Personality: Brave but not very cautious. Also showy. Human appearance: Short boy, blond hair, blue eyes. Pokémon: Torchic Pokémon appearance: A bit small for a Torchic, but fluffy. Other: Nope.

Shpore: Edit

coolman2443: Edit

  • Elliot: Chapters 1, 2, died by Luxrays. Wasn't a Pokemon at his death.

Name: Elliot Age: 15 Gender: Male Personality:Bold, Strong Hearted, but not the brightest bulb in the chandelier. Human appearance: red hair, wears a leather jacket and has jeans with red sneakers. Pokémon: Mudkip Pokémon appearance: Nothing much.

  • Simon: From chapter 1 to today and counting.

Name: Simon Age: 17 Gender: Male Personality: Cool and Calculating, but can be a but of a jerk. Human appearance: black, swave hair, with a jacket. Wears slacks and dress shoes. Pokémon: Shinx Pokémon appearance: has a notched ear, but other than that, nithing much.

  • Lute: From chapter 1 to today and counting.

Name: Lute Age: 17 Gender: Female Personality: Believes she is a prodigy, very intelligent, but rather sassy. Human appearance: wears a purple sweater to match her purple hair and eyes. Pokémon: Braxien Pokémon appearance: Nothing special. Other: Is an MLG quick-scoper who 360 no scoped Rebecca

DownsGameClub: Edit

  • Wednesday: From chapter 1 to today and counting

Age: 17

Gender: Boy

Personality: Super energetic and excited.

Human appearance: Black hair, blue eyes, average person.

Pokémon: Eevee

Pokémon appearance: A regular Eevee.