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Chronicles of Pokemon (often abbreviated to CoPKMN) was the most popular RPG on the TBG Forums, reaching over 600 pages (about three times as many as the former most popular RPG, the Teen Titans roleplay). Started by Faressain, the RPG explored the possibilities of humans transforming into Pokemon in the first chapter, and its plot spiraled in multiple directions as the roleplay went on. There was over four generations of characters. The roleplay became notorious for its free-form nature and frequent deaths. Its setting was also frequently changing as it was difficult to have every character in the same place. Despite this, it is often regarded as one of the greatest RPGs of the TBG forums. (WIP Page)

It has sparked several attemptted revivals after its death, such as Chronicles of Pokemon 2, Fakemon: The War, and Pokemon: The Baleful Night


Old Earth[]

Chapter I: The Beginning #1-#350

Chapter II: Fight for Survival #351-#675

Chapter III: New Challenges #676-#1025

Chapter IV: New Challenges #1026-#1350

Chapter V: Memorial of Dim Lights #1351-#1675